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Sexual recovery | Life and style |

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I enjoy gender and am highly drawn to my spouse, but I find it extremely difficult which will make want to this lady. I will be scared of acquiring germs or getting an ailment from the lady. I am certain the woman is faithful in my experience and that I haven’t any actual reason to believe she might have something I could find, but i simply cannot prevent obsessing about any of it and implement antiseptic to myself as we’ve had sexual contact. It isn’t really just human anatomy liquids that make me personally troubled, also kissing is hard personally. We have only already been hitched for 2 months and my partner, who had been unaware of my personal problem until the wedding night, features expected me to get some help.

Your trouble is not really about gender. You have a psychological condition known as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). It requires having particular compulsions you can’t manage that can cause considerable problems in your life. You may have intrusive feelings, or rituals you simply can’t end (for example checking or pressing certain items) in other aspects of your daily life besides lovemaking. OCD is curable (with intellectual behavioural therapy), also it might be wise to seek some help from a mental-health expert at once. I’d additionally recommend that you male seeking couple therapy. It’s not easy for a spouse to understand that folks with OCD usually are embarrassed of these compulsive behaviour, and try to hide their particular ailment, as you have done. Your spouse, besides sensation distressed that sexual life is actually unsatisfactory, might also feel frustrated, rejected as well as betrayed by you. Operate today to save lots of your own matrimony.


Pamela Stephenson Connolly is a medical psychologist and psychotherapist which specialises for sexual problems.

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